Over 150 years of KWS history began with growing sugarbeet and today, KWS is one of the market leaders in the commercialization of sugarbeet seed.

Due to the intensive research and breeding activities that were undertaken over the past years, the sugar yield has been continuously improving and the disease and pest tolerance became more important.

Regardless of the intended use, whether it is the production of sugar, ethanol or biogas, KWS provides the right variety for the each purpose and region. To meet the growing requirements of our customers, not only do we invest in research and breeding but we also continuously improve our production processes to obtain the highest seed quality. As seed specialists, this is a very important goal.


KWS and Bayer grant first license for herbicide-tolerant sugarbeet to SESVanderHave

Collaboration for new options in sugarbeet cultivation

KWS SAAT SE and Bayer AG have given access to a long-term license for their new CONVISO® SMART cultivation system for sugarbeet to the Belgian sugarbeet seed breeding company SESVanderHave. The technology is based on the breeding of sugarbeet varieties that are tolerant to herbicides in the ALS inhibitor class with broad-spectrum weed control.